Training Center
Do I Have Your Attention
...is not something you'll be asking at the OXARC Training Center. The environment focuses your audience on only one thing...YOU!
A new standard in training facilities has emerged. Now, thanks to OXARC, you have the power of today's most advanced presentation tools at your fingertips, literally. The classroom is headed up by a one-touch control panel that will take the room to any pre-defined settings. We know that influencing minds can be a difficult task, so that is why we have taken all of the necessary steps to give your presentation IMPACT. Choosing the right environment can be crucial to your success, so call your OXARC representative now at (800) 765-9055 to reserve the most powerful presentation tool in the Northwest.
The entire facility is on ground level with all areas wheelchair accessible. We have also provided dedicated parking next to the facility.
The core of the facility is this multi-media

The classroom environment is controlled with a 1-touch display panel from AMX. This state-of-the-art until lets you preset your environment so when you ready, one touch on the display will set up the room for video, audio, live video from the demo room, or whatever you need.

The projector room is where most of the hardware, for example, the CD player, VCR, slide projector, video projector, and so forth is located, again, it is all controlled from the AMX unit at the front of the room.

  • Bose Surround Sound
  • AMX One-Touch controls
  • 100 sq. ft. rear projection display
  • Digital Video / CD
  • IBM compatible computer with CD-rom
  • The latest Windows and Microsoft Office Products
  • Document Camera
  • Internet Ready
  • Task Lighting
  • Teleconferencing

The adjoining 1200sq. ft. Demonstration Room is linked by video and sound allowing everyone to participate from the comfort of the training classroom. This area is equipped with the electrical and ventilation services needed to operate the newest in welding and cutting technologies as well as accommodating a wide variety of safety and industrial related products.

A fully equipped kitchen/lunchroom is designed to handle everything from small refreshments to open buffet style settings. We are fortunate to also have a large variety of catering services available in the immediate area.
Area Map
The Training Center is located on the OXARC grounds just off of Broadway Ave. As you enter the parking lot, you will see the regular offices and warehouse directly in front of you. Bear to the right. The Training Center is the building in the northeast corner of the grounds.

Park on the south side as indicated on the map.

Rental Information
1/2 day is 8:00 - 12:00 or 1:00 - 5:00

Multimedia Classroom

Full Day1/2 Day
First Day$410.00$210.00
Administrative Fee$40.00$40.00
Each Additional Day$300.00NA

The Multimedia classroom is rented with all of the equipment included in the rental fee.

Demonstration Room

Full Day1/2 Day
First Day$310.00$300.00
Administrative Fee$40.00$40.00
Each Additional Day$200.00NA

Combination Class & Demo Rooms

Full Day1/2 Day
First Day$600.00$300.00
Administrative Fee$40.00$40.00
Each Additional Day$500.00

Food Services Area

Full Day1/2 Day
First Day$100.00NA
Each Additional DayNA

The deposit is due and payable upon reservation of the facility and is applied toward the total fees. Any deposit is refundable up to two weeks (14 days) prior to the scheduled reservation.

The administrative fee covers the initial facility setup and briefing as well as consulting arrangements for transportation, lodging, meals, or catering. Presentation assistance is available upon request and an additional $30.00 per hour will be charged beyond the first hour. The first hours is covered by the administrative fee.

There will be an additional charge for any necessities including meals, break refreshments, training room and demonstration room materials.

Any and all damage to the property and/or the equipment will be paid for in full by the renting organization.

The OXARC Training Center is a Smoking-Free and an Alcohol-Free facility.

Teleconferencing is quoted on an hourly rate, Just give us a call! 1-800-765-9055

HD Video Conferencing
With the ease of making a long-distance telephone call we can connect you anywhere worldwide or to multiple locations around the globe.

Forget those long hours of travel time and just walk in and conduct your meeting face to face in comfort and complete privacy.

More About HD Video Conferencing