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Bulk Gas Systems
OXARC makes BULK GAS easier with exceptional products and smooth efficient delivery. Our professional engineering, design and installation services are second to none throughout the industry. As the regional supplier of bulk gases, we have unrivaled leverage in maintaining product availability and quality at consistent, cost-effective prices. Our regional distribution systems means On-Time, efficient delivery.

Industrial, Medical, and Specialty Gases are distributed from northwest facilities, providing the highest quality of workmanship and the highest purity of products in the industry. These state of the art facilities are continually updated to give OXARC the competitive and quality edge needed to lead the industry.

Products as Diverse as the Industries We Serve
With OXARC, you get economies of scale across a wide variety of gases. Along with standard atmospheric gases, we offer hard-to-find specialized products, such as Nitrous Oxide, beverage-quality Carbon Dioxide and NF Nitrogen. We also provide high quality storage systems designed to meet or exceed industry standards, customized to meet customer requirements.
Bulk Gases
  • Argon
  • Propane
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Bleach
  • Helium
  • Chemtane
  • Oxygen
  • Chlorine
  • Hydrogen
  • Sulfur Dioxide
  • Nitrogen
  • Ammonia
  • Nitrous Oxide
Bulk Gas Services
  • Evaluation of gas usage and needs to determine the most efficient and cost-effective supply mode
  • Bulk gas delivery in tank trailers, installation of on-site bulk storage tanks
  • Bulk gas delivery in tube trailers, installation of on-site ground storage tubes
  • MicroBulk gas delivery, installation of on-site MicroBulk storage tanks
  • Flexibility to grow and adapt to your changing gas supply needs
Customer Support that puts Our Expertise at Your Service
OXARC is the leading distributor of industrial, specialty and medical gases and related equipment with over 20 locations spread across Washington, Oregon and Idaho. We recognize that each customer’s situation is unique so our primary goal is making your business more efficient and profitable. It starts with an in-depth understanding of how you manage and use gas, and how we can apply the OXARC expertise in customer applications. We‘ll also assist with installation of Bulk and MicroBulk storage and delivery systems, as well as better cost efficiencies for your business. The analysis begins by looking at the scope and diversity of your needs, details of applications, similarities of operations and how products can be used more efficiently. Working with your team, we develop a customized supply system plan that will meet current and future production requirements. This is followed by a complete overview of the installation, including design specifications, equipment and piping. Implementing a time line that can support seamless integration and eliminate downtime. OXARC then provides a report itemizing efficiency and cost effectiveness of the new bulk gas supply system.
As Customers’ Needs Change,
OXARC Offers a Range of Supply Modes…
Bulk Storage Specifications
Proven Delivery Systems for Every Application & Location
OXARC offers a flexible range of bulk gas designs and capacities to accommodate space, equipment demands and operating requirements. Expert technical assistance accompanies every system to verify proper sizing of tanks, interconnecting piping layout, gas applications and related factors.

Nitrogen, Oxygen & Argon
Bulk nitrogen, oxygen and argon are stored as cryogenic liquids in a vacuum insulated vessel at the customer’s site. The nominal vessel working pressure is 250 psi. The stored liquid can be vaporized into gas as required for use by the customer. For liquid hydrogen, higher pressures, horizontal vessels, smaller and larger size vessels or other special application requirements, please contact your local OXARC associate.

Carbon Dioxide
Bulk carbon dioxide is stored as a liquid in a refrigerated vessel or vacuum insulated vessel at the customer’s site. The vessel maximum allowable working pressure is 350 psi. The stored liquid can be vaporized into gas as required for use by the customer. For higher pressures, horizontal vessels, smaller and larger size vessels or other special application requirements, please contact your local OXARC associate.

Hydrogen & Helium
Bulk hydrogen and helium is generally stored as a gas in ground storage tubes at the customer’s site. The ground storage tubes can be sized to meet your needs from 500 to greater than 100,000 standard cubic feet in capacity. For liquid storage options and other bulk gases in gaseous form (such as nitrogen, air, mixed gases, etc.), contact your local OXARC associate.

Conventional & Jumbo Tube Trailers

  • Our fleet of tube trailers is available in capacities from 45,000 SCF to 180,000 SCF to serve the needs of users with high-pressure gas applications
  • Less common gases such as liquid hydrocarbons (C2 to C10) can also be supplied in tube trailers and tailored to individual supply needs MicroBulk Systems
  • Newest cylinder alternative that provides reliable, uninterrupted gas supply
  • Sized between liquid cylinders and bulk, this distribution solution fulfills the previously unmet needs of customers with volumes that make using cylinders or bulk gas systems inefficient
  • Less venting and residual losses than from liquid or high-pressure cylinders results in product savings
  • No cylinder handling and moving presents opportunity for labor savings Non-Cryogenic Gas Generation Systems
  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Hydrogen
  • Ask your OXARC representative for more details
Fuel Gases
Ask your local OXARC representative about bulk supply options for Propane.

Bulk System Telemetry
Bulk system telemetry is available, engineered to meet the customer’s exact system requirements. Ask your OXARC representative for details