Specialty Rental Equipment
One of the challenges companies face is having the right equipment on the job. This becomes especially critical when it comes to having the right safety equipment. Without the necessary safety tools on site, companies run the risk of injuring workers and incurring costly delays. However, buring safety equipment to meet the needs of every job can be an expensive proposition. If a specialized piece of equipment is needed, for example, a gas monitor, for a short term project, renting is an easy and affordable solution.
  • Air Monitors
  • Tripods/3-Way Winches & Work Winches
  • Confined Space Blowers
  • Supplied Air Systems
  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
  • Automated External Defibrillator Trainers
  • Drager Chip Measurement System
OXARC rental and technical support groups are dedicated to the customers we serve, supplying the latest technology and apparatus available in the welding industry today. A large selection of welding and cutting equipment is in stock and ready for rent. From the smallest job to multi-operator welding and cutting operations, OXARC is your clear choice. This includes electric, gasoline and diesel stick, mig or tig power supplies and wire feeders. Inverter power supplies for multi-voltage applications are available in single and three phase. You will also find the latest air plasma technology with a wide range of cutting capacity and a variety of input power options.
  • Engine Driven Portable Welders (Gasoline or Diesel)
  • Air Compressors
  • Plasma Cutting Equipment (Sheet Metal to 1 1/2" Cut Ranges)
  • Power Generators
  • Oxy/Acet/Alt Fuel Cutting Kits
  • Cylinder Gases, Carts, Hoses
  • Mig Welders (110-650 Amps)
  • Tig Welders (100-350 Amp AC/DC)
  • Stick Welders (100-500 Amp)
  • Stud Welders (up to 1600 Amp)
  • Electrode Stabilizing Ovens
  • Air & Electric Power Tools
  • Cable Sets w/Quick Connects
  • Arc Gouging Torches
  • Exothermic Cutting Systems
  • Pipe Beveling Tools/Fixtures
  • High Pressure Regulators for Purging Applications
  • Gas Mixer Controls
  • Cylinder Storage Racks
  • Magnetic Base Drills
  • Source Capture Smoke Systems
Industrial Misting Fans
You want to keep your hard working personnel cool, confident and safe from heat exhaustion. You also want to use long-lasting, hard-working cooling systems to protect your company’s investment. HydroMist flash evaporation cooling systems are built to be dependable and long lasting—made from high quality materials and high performance pumps and motors. The patented no-drip nozzles prevent wasting water while the pump is not running.

Heavy duty, durable plastic shrouds focus the airstream for more efficient evaporation as well as keep the fans and your employees safe from accidental bumping. Heavy steel framework provides a stable and lasting structure.

The heavy duty pumps are manufactured to last years while continuously outputting the required 1000 PSI. The dual-filtered (10 and 5 micron) water inlet system keeps the fine-crafted impeller nozzles free from impurities in the water supply. The heavy duty motors provide years of maintenance free service. HydroMist industrial systems deliver quality while guaranteeing a quick return on investment.

Increase Productivity
Keep employees comfortable to maintain productivity.

Suppress Dust & Odor
HydroMist fans not only help with temperature control, but also with dust control.

Sporting Events
Allow your team to be cool, calm and collected.

Healthy Livestock
Hot summers can distress animals just as much as people, if not more.

Fire Safety
Suppress smoke and stay cool while examining a house for survivors. Keep a cooling station fitted to the truck to relieve personnel and fire victims of heat and smoke stresses.

Cool Poolside
Pools are great for keeping cool and having fun. How about when you want to relax by the pool side? HydroMist fans are ideal to stay cool while out of the water.

Stage Events
Stages, with all the bright lights, can become very hot and uncomfortable. Use HydroMist fans to keep you cool and active. Greater comfort on stage can help avoid becoming fatigued so easily.

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