Dry Ice Blasting Industry Uses
Food Industry
Dry ice blasting is ideal for the food industry, as the cleaning process does not involve the use of water or chemicals. The various applications of dry ice blasting in the food industry clearly illustrate just how versatile the system is. The process is used to remove baked-on food deposits from ovens and to clean mixers and moulds. It can remove paper and adhesives from packaging machinery. Dry ice blasting can be used on plastics and metal surfaces irrespective of whether the object to be cleaned is hot or cold.
Dry ice blasting can be used to clean dirt and soot from electronics without making them wet or using chemicals. Dry ice blasting can be used on units of up to 29 kW without disconnecting the power supply. Unexpected power failure and resulting production shutdown can be avoided by periodically cleaning electronic components.
Packaging Machinery
Dry ice blasting effectively removes adhesive residues and other dirt from packaging machinery. This improves package line flow considerably and can reduce the incidence of unexpected shutdown. Clean adhesive nozzles end chain drive result in large savings in the purchase of spare parts.
Dry ice blasting is an effective means of removing wet and dry ink, powder, paper dust and adhesive residues. This keeps the number of unexpected shutdowns to a minimum, improves product quality and reduces maintenance time.
Dry ice blasting can beneficially be used to clean moulds during production. This reduces downtime. Mould surfaces are not damaged, as the process is very gentle.
Dry ice blasting can be used to remove soot and dirt from buildings and thus restore surfaces. The method is often used for factory buildings where it is crucial to recommence production as quickly as possible. Because dry ice vaporizes on contact with the building surface, dry ice blasting can be used to clean the insides of buildings without the need to move equipment, machinery or furnishings. Where traditional cleaning methods - involving the use of water and chemicals - are used, it is often necessary to dismantle and move equipment to protect it from damage.
Pharmaceutical Industry
The pharmaceutical industry sets high hygiene standards. Dry ice blasting is therefore the ideal cleaning method. It is a clean and dry process that effectively and quickly removes coatings and deposits from moulds, conveyors, containers, mixers and other production equipment. Steam and water-based cleaning methods can produce health risks. Firstly, steam can provide a breeding ground for bacteria and other micro-organisms. Dry ice blasting is a dry process that eliminates this problem. Secondly, cleaning with water and steam can increase the risk of accidents with electronics. As dry ice vaporizes on contact with the surface being cleaned, there is no secondary waste material. Because dry ice blasting is a non-abrasive process, moulds used in production cannot be damaged.