Specialty Gases     ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited
Ultra High Purity Gases
  • Our Ultra High Purity Gases meet or exceed all industry standards.
  • Available in sizes from 40cf ot 291cf, and in disposable cylinders.
  • Certificates of Analysis are available with each cylinder upon request

Blended Gases

  • Various mixtures are available upon request and are based on the specific applications intended.
  • All Blended Gases have the Lab Analysis attached to each cylinder.
Calibration & Lab Gases
A complete line of Calibration & Labratory Gases are available, includeding the following:
  • Research grade Purity gases, Anaerobic mixtures, Laser Excimer gases, Chromatographic Carrier gas, Electron Capture mixtures, Nuclear Counter mixtures, along with many other gases.
Accessories & Equipment
ilac-MRA PJLA Calibration and Testing
  • A full selection of regulators and flowmeters are available for use with all of these gases.
  • Cryogenic Containers - Liquid Nitrogen Dewars, Refrigerators & Freezers.
  • Gas Manifolds.
Disposable Cylinders
Disposable Calibration Gas Cylinders & Accessories are sold in the following sizes:
  • 17 liter, 34 liter, 58 liter, 103 liter, & 600 liter

    Types Of Gases:
    Reactive Gases
    Hydrogen Sulfide, Sulfur Dioxide, Ammonia, Chlorine

    Non-Reactive Gases
    PPM & LEL Mixes in both Air or Nitrogen balances.
  • Ultr High Purity Gases
  • Sizes
  • Configurations
  • Related Products
  • Mixtures
Specialty Gas Production
  • Our specialty gas production facility and processes
We also provide Quad-Mixes which are specifically used for the calibration of Gas Detectors

Industrial Gas Suppliers Alliance
OXARC, Inc. will only sell products to people or organizations who are authorized to use them and who have safe handling facilities and procedures. New customers wishing to order toxic or flammable gases may need to be audited for safety before gases can be dispatched.