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Now OXARC, in partnership with Honeywell Safety, is pleased to introduce the newest element in our Safety Training Portfolio:
The OXARC/Honeywell Confined Space Mobile Training Unit

Working side-by-side with Honeywell Safety, the world's most innovative manufacturer of industrial safety products and advanced safety technologies, OXARC can now provide our customers with a unique training experience that takes their employees' safety training to a whole new level!

Applying practical knowledge reinforced in the classroom session, the Confined Space Mobile Training Unit provide training that is relevant, challenging and hands-on. Working with the latest confined space entry equipment and technology from Honeywell, the Mobile Training Unit engages participants and encourages teamwork and creative problem-solving. It truly is training that they can take back to their own workplace!

Using the OXARC/Honeywell Confined Space Mobile Training Unit challenges your employees with a range of confined space "hazards," props and equipment, enabling them to develop entry plans, complete an entry permit, and then use that knowledge in a safe, controlled environment. On your site

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  • Gas Detection Fundamentals
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Fall Protection
  • Confined Space Training Brochure