Industrial Safety Products & Sales
Quite simply, not every organization can command the resources and expertise internally to handle the task and challenges of assessing potential safety hazards and implementing programs and practices that comply with a myriad of safety regulations. Even for organizations with significant resources, new work practices or equipment changes dictate frequent reviews of safety practices. And that is where an OXARC Safety Representative becomes an important element in your total safety program.

In essence, OXARC Safety Representatives can fulfill the role of an “external” safety consultant for customers. In some cases, our role may be as a primary provider of safety information and solutions, working on all aspects of the safety plan. In other organizations, we participate in a more ancillary role, typically focusing on new or complex safety problems. By tailoring our involvement to match the needs of the customer, we can help you identify the work practices, standards and procedures-and product solutions necessary to meet compliance objectives.
As a single-source safety provider, you can look to OXARC for:
Training: A company’s safety record usually reflects the emphasis its management puts on safety training. OXARC Safety Representatives can help keep your training programs current, informative and lively.
Regulatory Compliance Updates: The safety regulations that impact industry are continually being revised, reviewed and given new emphasis. We help keep you abreast of the changes that are most likely to impact your organization.
New Products and Technologies: Hand in hand with a changing regulatory environment, there is a constant stream of new safety products being introduced by manufacturers. OXARC Safety Representatives can ensure that you are familiar with the most effective and practical examples of these products and technologies.
Beyond helping customers with the more routine safety challenges, OXARC’s larger mission is to provide them with technical resources not typically available to them. Because of OXARC’s leadership position as a regional safety supplier we are able to bring to our customers industry leaders from across the spectrum of safety disciplines. We regularly bring in experts for OXARC-hosted safety seminars, such as our very popular Confined Space Entry series. OXARC also hosts a number of mini-seminars targeted to specific industries or focused on a particular safety technology. In every case, we provide customers direct access and interaction with the most talented professionals in the industry.
Reflecting OXARC’s commitment to the finest training and technology for our employees and customers, is the crown jewel of OXARC’s headquarters facility in Spokane: The OXARC Training Center. Featuring a state-of-the-art Media Center (an amphitheater that seats 50), the center is equipped with the latest presentation electronics including a 10-foot screen and remote viewing of live product demonstrations from adjacent rooms. OXARC Training Center will be used for in-house functions, company-sponsored seminars and is also available for use by other organizations that want to take advantage of the very latest in instruction technology.
We invite you to visit our new training center for an eye-opening look at the future of training. At the same time, it will confirm for you that OXARC is a dynamic and exciting company to partner with. OXARC is committed to providing customers with quality products and the comprehensive training needed to meet all of your safety needs.

- Mike Standley
OXARC Safety Products Manager